ADORATEC GmbH – Engineering for a clean Environment

We all know that the reduction of harmful emissions in our atmosphere must be one of the priority targets of responsible policy. Environment-friendly energy produc-tion practices and careful use of energy will help keep clean the air we breathe and protect it for later generations!

To reach this target we are engineering and realizing together with our customers:



ORC (Organic-Rankine-Cycle) – plants for the electricity production from biomass and low-temperature heat sources


ORC – plants for electricity production from geothermal heat


ORC – plants for electricity production from industrial waste heat

The ADORATEC–engineers, together with our parent company Maxxtec AG, are ready because of their long-term experience and deep know-how of many realized power plants in different sizes and applications to offer to their customers an utmost profit out of the power and process technology engineered by them. This gives us and our customers the assurance in realization of all technical solutions.